The general terms of sale herewith stated apply to all orders received by the seller after the issue of this pricelist and will be considered as accepted in full upon placement of order by the buyer.


  1. Prices are ex-works and include standard packing.
  2. Special packing if requested upon placement of order and accepted by the seller will be charged extra.
  3. Prices are subject to variation without prior notice.


  1. Orders must be placed in writing according to codes and descriptions as per pricelist.
  2. Quantities must be adjusted to standard packing.
  3. Orders can be dispatched in successive stages.
  4. The buyer does not have the right to cancel entirely or in part the order.


  1. The seller reserves the right to make alterations that are considered necessary for the best operation of products as referred to in the pricelist without affecting the use and the initial function. This does not constitute reason for the buyer to withdraw orders or to claim compensations or reimbursements of any kind.


  1. Products are sold ex-works.
  2. If means of transport are not clearly indicated by the buyer, delivery will be carried out in the most suitable way.
  3. Products are transported at the buyers own risk even if the products are sold carriage free.
  4. Insurance is provided only if requested and is charged to the buyer.
  5. The seller does not have any responsibility for damages incurred during transport
  6. The buyer is obliged to inform immediately the freight company upon receipt of products for shortages or damages of the goods and to state if such has occured non the delivery note.
  7. The seller reserves the right to suspend the delivery of products if at any time receives information that the buyer is in a financial position that would create any doubt as to his solvency or the buyer has delayed payments from previous supply of products.


  1. The goods are guaranteed against damages due to material or manufacturing defects which are imputable to the seller.
  2. The guarantee is not valid:
    1. One year after delivery
    2. If products are improperly installed or handled
    3. If products have been modified, repaired, tampered with by the buyer or by third parties
  3. The guarantee is limited to the replacement of the faulty products and strictly excludes any other responsibility indemnity or the acknowledgement of damages caused by the products.


  1. All claims must be submitted in writing within 7 days from receipt of products or defects discovered.
  2. No claim will be accepted for goods which have not been regularly paid.


  1. Claims for return of merchandise should be made within 7 days from delivery date.
  2. No returns will be accepted without prior written approval by the seller.
  3. Returned merchandise will be perfectly packed and freight prepaid.
  4. Returns of special orders with special characteristics are not accepted.
  5. Credit notes issued shall be deducted from following invoices.


  1. The products supplied remain the seller's property until fully paid for.


  1. The buyer cannot for any reason whatsoever defer payments beyond agreed payment terms as per respective invoices issued.
  2. In case of delayed payments the legal current interest rate shall be charged monthly from the expiry date of payment.


  1. These conditions are to be considered valid and applicable and accepted by the buyer.
  2. This pricelist is subject to change without prior notice and fully replaces all previous versions.