Features & benefits

  • Wide pressure compensation range. Pressure compensated (PC):
    Precise and equal amounts of water are delivered over a broad pressure range
  • Manufactured from the finest raw materials that provide durability and long lasting performance.
  • Wide and accurate water passages along the labyrinth.
  • Special labyrinth design that ensures strong turbulence flow of the water.
  • Self-flushing mechanism ensures non–clogging uninterrupted dripper operation.
  • High UV resistant. Resistant to standard nutrients used in agricultural.
  • Injected dripper, very low CV , High clog-resistance .

Technical D​ata

Dripper flow rates: 2 L/h 4 L/h
Dripline diameters: 16 mm
Dripline wall thickness 0.9 mm – 1.20 mm
Pressure range: 1 Bar – 4 Bar
Opening pressure: 0.4 Bar – 0.5 Bar
Closing pressure: 0.2 Bar – 0.3 Bar

Drain (D), Non-Drain (ND), and Ant​i-Siphon (AS) options
Eliminates drainage and refill effect, and improves efficiency in pulse irrigation Non-drain system:
The dripline remains full of water during irrigation intervals, ensuring immediate and uniform irrigation along dripline


  • Row crops
  • Orchards , Landscaping , Vegetables &Gardening
  • For on-surface and subsurface installations